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A question was asked one night during a Bible Study.  It was “How do you know when to stop taking medicine? That was the best question I ever heard.  So how do you know? You will know!  I suggest you go to your doctor to confirm.  If you believe that you are healed there should be no worries or concerns, so go to the doctor and confirm.  But that was only part of the question.  The other part was, what if you declared the Word of God, prayed, and you believed you are healed but there are no changes.  Man! What a great Bible Study that night. 

King David said, “Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you”. Psalm 119:11

Suggestions to hide God's Word in your Mind and Spirit:

* Hear the Word of God

* Stay in fellowship, go to Church

* Join a good Word church

* Read your Bible often

* Listen to good Faith lessons often (CD, MP3, DVD, ext.)

* Pray in the Spirit

* Declare the Word of God over your body

* Worship God in private and in service

* Thank God for healing

* Believe you have received healing

You must hide the Word of God deep in your heart (spirit). Why because it is the word that your enemy and sickness will come after and against.  Make no mistake about it, not only will you come under physical attack but psychological and spiritual attack.  You must hide the Word of God in your heart like a miner who found a gold mine on a vacant lot and told no one else until he secured ownership of the land. If needed force yourself to hear CD after CD; force yourself to read beyond your comfort zone; force yourself to worship even though you don’t feel a thing. Now you begin entering the arena of faith.  Remember faith comes through the Word of God. “Romans 10:17 – So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  You must build and consistently maintain your faith.  To do this you need faith food in this case faith medicine, the Word of God, and often.

If you’re taking medicine you should take Word medicine also.  This is what I mean.  If you have to take medicine 3 times a day you should set aside 3 times a day when you will read the Word of God, pray and worship the Lord.  I can’t tell you how long to pray worship or study the Word of God.  But this is a much needed habit to develop.  So, when is it a good time to do this? What about when you have to take your medicine, just some food for thought.   Friend remember you are not under the law, so if you miss a session of Bible Study or worship don't live in guilt or condemnation.  Just pick up where you are and move forward.  Remember you are not going to get healed you are going to receive healing, we were healed by the stripes of Jesus over 2000 years ago.  Visit us again for Part 2 in July.