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The Power of The Declaration


What do I do after I pray? Have you ever asked that

question? Yes, because we all have.  This book will

help you with the answer. It is designed to minister to

you, so you do not throw in the towel. Each chapter is

intended to help you receive your answers to prayer and

not abort them. As you read this book and practice what

you learn, you can expect God to reveal more than what

is written. You will learn how to pray according to the

Will of the Lord and not according to your mind, ego

or what we like to call our  flesh. This work is packed

with enough of the wisdom of God that if applied you

can receive healing in your body, family, and life. Each

declaration has an assignment designed to accomplish

the Will of God on earth as it is in heaven. My friends

never give up for this is, “e Power of e Declaration.”


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