Jesus Christ Ministries International 

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Christian Life School of Ministry (C.L.S.O.M.)

A school for the people of God.  Designed to help the young as well as the matured student.  Prepare for the ministry, or simply sharpen your skills in the Word of God.  Take one or several courses, earn a certificate, diploma, or a degree.  Fulfill your dreams here at C.L.S.O.M.

2nd. Year Student and Sophomore

Welcome back!  We are starting this year off with an array of much sought after subjects. It does not matter how long you have been in ministry.  There is something for everyone to learn, polish, perfect, achieve and overcome as together we study the living Word of God.  You will have 6(six) weeks to complete and turn in each course.

Training for Reigning - Instructor - Dr. Ronald Cottle (Sept.)

Description: Principles of leadership and training based upon the calling, training, and rule of David.  Special emphasis is placed upon David's life and the classrooms of preparation through which he walked.  Also studied and David's call, his anointing, his character, and his faithfulness to God.

A Study of Faiths and Religions - Instructor - Dr. Stanley Fleming (Nov.)

Description: This course provides students with a knowledge of world religions and biblical Christianity.  Distinguish religious strengths from weaknesses, breakdown doctrinal components, categorize and evaluate overriding motifs of each religion in comparison to biblical Christianity.

**December - Winter Break**


Introduction to Biblical Studies - Instructor - Dr. Duane Christensen (Jan.)

Description: Introduction to the Christian Bible ("Completed Tanakh") that includes: 1) an overview of the content of the Bible in its historical and geographical context; 2) the Bible's development from ancient manuscripts to modern translations, including the history of the English Bible; 3) the authority of the Bible; and 4) an introduction to the method of Inductive Bible Study.

Historical Christianity and Other World Views - Instructor - Dr. Stanley Fleming (Mar.)

Description: This course provides an overview of various theological cults and occult groups that are at odds with the essential doctrines of historic Christianity.  The basic tenants of Christianity, the authenticity of the Bible and various theological cultures are examined.

How to Study the Bible: - Instructor - Dr. Dwayne Lusk (May)

Description: Proven methods to study the Word of God.  Emphasis on preparation for study, tools for study, hermeneutics, and methods of biblical study.  Designed to enrich one's personal study habits.

Introduction to Biblical Counseling - Instructor - Dr. Mike Chapman (July)

Description: Biblical principles of human personality and how personal change occurs.  Special focus on the church as God's healing institution, the unique features of Christian counseling, and the development of a Biblical approach to counseling.

**Summer Break**

**Please note courses may change based upon availability.