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Bless the Lord my friend, prepare your heart to eat a heavenly meal. Jesus Christ Ministries International is a church focused on ministering to the whole person.  Reaching out especially to the outcast of the Body of Christ and the world.   My name is Anthony L. Murray Sr., I am pastor of this supernatural move of God on earth. 

Let me ask you a question.  Why did you pull up this web address?  I believe the Holy Spirit of God led you to this site.  But do you know why?  I do not believe in coincidences but I do believe in divine appointments and the sovereignty of Almighty God.   So the question arises could something as simple as pulling up a website be a sovereign move of God? Yes! It can. 

This site will minister to your faith and build you up on your most Holy Faith.   Hallelujah!  Let’s talk about faith.  Faith is spirit and therefore must be treated as a live being.  You can’t eat one meal a year and live.  You can’t eat one meal every special holiday, you know why; because you won’t stay alive that way.  You must have a regular diet that fits your body’s needs.  Well, your spirit man has a regular diet need also.  Your regular diet food for your spirit is the Word of God.  I don’t know about you but I love pork ribs and barbecue chicken.  Now, for desert I love my wife’s homemade apple pie.  I am talking about an apple pie that will make your mouth water before and after you eat it.

Your faith must get the proper nourishment to grow.  Notice I said “pork”, as you know, pork is not the healthiest meat for you to eat.  But, when it is cooked right it taste great!  You can hear words of faith that sound good but not get what your spirit needs to grow.  We need to hear the right word at the right time and get enough of that word to grow then we will receive all that God has in store.

Let’s look at faith in action; faith that was built up enough to receive.  You must learn how to allow your faith to receive.  There was a blind man that heard Jesus passing his way.  I don’t know how many times he heard Jesus passing by.  I don’t know if he ever heard Jesus preach or teach.  But, I do believe he heard about the miracles that followed His ministry confirming His word with signs and wonders.  By hearing, I believe a combination of Jesus’ preaching and the miracles or testimonies of others his faith became a revelation for healing.  When his faith rose up and became revelation it received what heaven provided for his health.  How do I know his faith became full of revelation, listen to what he said. 

And he cried out, saying, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  He said the same thing over and over and louder and louder until he got Jesus’ attention.  Now why is it that others could do the same thing and still not experience what they’re seeking?  Before faith can receive out of the natural it must learn to receive out of the spiritual.  Faith must learn how to trust in God’s faithfulness.  This man’s faith touched Jesus’ spirit.  I don’t believe he was the only one hollering or crying out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.”  But, his faith before his voice touched Jesus.  Read, Luke 18:35- 43, Jesus told this man in verse 42 that his faith made him whole.  Your faith will make you whole but you must learn how to let your faith work for you.  Faith is spiritual and it needs to eat spiritual food, such as regular fellowship, worship, the Word of God, prayer, fasting and understanding.  Friend if you are not in a good Word of God based church, find one.  Please don’t tell me there are no good churches around.  There’s plenty, you need to stop being stubborn and rebellious and obey the Word of God (Hebrew 10:25).

I leave you with this: Your faith is hungry what are you doing to feed it God’s way?

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Anthony

I want to take this moment to personally invite you to go through our website and give us your fed back. 

God knows your heart


Pastor Murray

The teacher is not the pastor, the Teacher is the Holy Spirit.

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